Our Company

Our Company


Laboratorios Richmond is a regional pharmaceutical company based in Argentina, committed to excellence and to the continuous improvement: we develop and manufacture quality pharmaceutical products with added human value.


We share the vision of a world where health care is not a privilege. With that in mind we wish to contribute to the improvement, protection and care of people’s health.




Be a competitive, flexible and technologically innovative pharmaceutical laboratory, boosting a sustained growth in the international market.

Build a team of workers, whose effort and professional competence is geared to providing quality and excellent products/services.

Contribute to the development of our community by being a profitable and responsible company.


We are a work team for whom the health care comes before business.

Our commitment to quality and service improves the wellbeing of patients and provides ease to physicians and institutions.

Our professional and individual development goes along with the development of our company.

Our company’s development contributes to the improvement of our community.

Our profits derive from activities which benefit the society.

We are proud of what we do. While changing to get better, our values remain unchanged.


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