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70Active Ingredients

5Innovative Licences

346Sale Permits

We have more than 80 years’ experience in the field of complex generic pharmaceutical products with a high added value.

Our portfolio consists of more than 80 products covering important therapeutic areas and focuses on the evolution of medical, social and patients’ needs.

We develop, manufacture and sell high quality alternatives to innovative products.

We also have exclusive licenses of original, novel and unique pharmaceutical products granted by prestigious European pharmaceutical companies.

Our products are grouped in the following therapeutic lines:

Antivirals (Treatment of HIV and HCV)
Oncology and Oncohematology Drugs
Cardiometabolic Drugs (Antihypertensive, Cholesterol-Lowering, Anti Platelet Drugs)
Psychiatric Drugs (Analgesic, Anti Psychotic, Anti Depressive, Anti Dementia, Hypnotic Drugs and Drugs for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis)

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