We reaffirm the efficient performance of our organization along the time in economic, social and environmental areas, which provides sustainability to our history of more than 80 years.

Our sustainability is based on our commitment to our work team, the environment, our community, to health care and to our way of doing business.

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Our Work Team

Our team is our most valuable asset. Our actions are governed by our Commitment to our Personnel. Being aligned with this work culture is essential in the composition of our team. Because we are what we are, because diversity makes us better. Our growth as a company brings about the growth of the members of our team and vice versa.

Commitment with our Personnel

  • At Richmond Labs, we reaffirm our commitment to create a fair, pleasant and respectful work environment.
  • Our policy is to enhance and encourage the respect for the individual behavior and also to work showing trust and honesty geared to achieve a good interpersonal communication.
  • Each member of our work team has the right to work free from any form of harassment.
  • We do not allow any malicious statements or discrimination based on religion, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin, age, or physical or mental disability.



We are aware of our debt to our Planet, consequently for us “taking care of the environment is taking care of our home”.

We work using clean practices, we treat our waste, we do not release emissions and we developed processes minimizing the environmental impact. Our ISO 14001 is proof of our environmental management.  


Our Community

We take care of our “Grand Homeland” (our Planet) and also our small homeland, the community where we belong.

Consequently we carry out various actions contributing to social development, such as:

  • Research sponsorship
  • Scholarships to university students
  • Internship programs
  • Professional practices for technical schools


How We Do Things

Richmond quality is our non-negotiable seal. Our quality chain goes beyond us: it starts in our suppliers and ends in the products consumed by a patient. To that end, we not only certify our Quality System, but we also keep strategic alliances. 


Quality System

One of the key pillars of pharmaceutical drug manufacturing is the Quality Policy enforced by Laboratorios Richmond. This policy was set as a corporate standard and its application ranges from the development phase, through each one of our pharmaceutical products to the permanent orientation and counseling service given to patients, including addressing patients’ queries.   

We comply with the most rigorous international standards in force both for the development and the manufacturing of our pharmaceutical products. This quality risk management guarantees the safety and efficacy of all our products. Our ISO 9001 certification endorses our quality system.


Strategic Alliances

Laboratorios Richmond signed agreements with public and private institutions, universities and foundations. These strategic agreements include training for advanced students, development of special studies or drafting joint research protocols.

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